Wendy RodgersWendy Rodgers, PhD

Room:     P3-20, Van Vliet Centre
Mail:       University of Alberta, Edmonton AB T6G 2H9
Phone:   780-492-2677
Fax:      780-492-1008
Email:   wendy.rodgers@ualberta.ca






Current Position

Professor and Vice-Dean, Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation


Research Areas

Social psychology of exercise, health and lifestyle behaviour.  Theoretical and practical issues of program initiation and maintenance.  


Current Research Activities

I study psycho-social theory as it relates to the initiation and maintenance of health-related behaviours, particularly exercise.  The main theories I work with are self-efficacy theory (Bandura) and self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan).


The major focus of my work is on self-efficacy for specific behavioural subsets required to produce enduring health behaviour change in specific populations; along with the degree to which the motives for the behaviour change have been self-determined to begin with. 


I also study intervention mechanisms to operationalize the theoretical variables, the main one of these being imagery.  We use imagery scripts containing tailored theoretical information with the dual goal of achieving change in the targeted theoretical variable and subsequently in the targeted health behaviour. 


The majority of this work requires the longitudinal observation of people as they attempt to change their health behaviours.



Exercise motivation, exercise initiation, exercise maintenance, self-efficacy, self-determination.


Selected Publications


PM Wilson, WM Rodgers. The relationship between perceived autonomy support, exercise regulations and behavioural intentions in women. Psychology of Sport and Exercise. (5) 229-242, 2004.

WM Rodgers, CR Hall, CM Blanchard, E McAuley, KJ Munroe. Task and scheduling self-efficacy as predictors of exercise behavior. Psychology & Health. 17(4): 405-416, 2002.


WM Rodgers, CM Blanchard, MJL Sullivan, GJ Bell, PM Wilson, JG Gesell.   The motivational implications of characteristics of exercise bouts. Journal of Health Psychology. 7(1): 73-83, 2002.


WM Rodgers, KJ Munroe, CR Hall. Relations among exercise imagery, self-efficacy, exercise behavior and intentions. Imagination, Cognition and Personality, 21(1), 55-65, 2002