2016 Award Winners

Thank you for participating in our 2016 ADI Research Day. We received a total of 57 abstracts, of these 20 were selected as oral presentations and 37 were selected as poster presentations.

Our Research Day is for our trainees – from our junior summer students to our senior postdoctoral fellows – providing them the opportunity to present their research in a friendly atmosphere amongst peers, supervisors, and other ADI members. I hope once again we achieved this aim.

2016 ADI Research Day Awards 

Full Presentation 

  •  WINNER Antonio Bruni (Shapiro Lab) 
  •  Honourable Mention Victoria Baronas (Kurata Lab) 
  •  Honourable Mention Anne-Francoise Close (Buteau Lab) 

Mini Presentation 

  • WINNER John Kennelly (Jacobs Lab) 
  • Honourable Mention Jelske van der Veen (Vance Lab) 
  • Honourable Mention Trevor Poitras (Zochodne Lab)  

Posters (Junior) Summer Students 

Group 1 

  • WINNER Ali Hajar (Urschel / West Lab) 
  • Honourable Mention Jennifer Croden (Rayat Lab) 

 Group 2 

  •  WINNER Morgan Sosniuk (West Lab) 
  •  Honourable Mention Josue Rodrigues Silva (Rayat Lab)         

Poster (Junior) MSc Students 

  • WINNER Krista MacDonald (Mager / Haqq Lab) 
  • Honourable Mention Stephany Adame Perez (Mager Lab)         

Poster (Senior) PhD Students 

  • WINNER Kim Robin (Kurata Lab)
  • Honourable Mention Camila Pinto (Prado Lab)

Poster (Senior) Postdocs, Research Associates, Techs 

  • WINNER Indri Purwana (Buteau Lab) 
  • Honourable Mention Ying Wang (Buteau Lab)        

Overall Trainee-Choice Award (mini / full presentations)

  • WINNER Victoria Baronas (Kurata Lab)

Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker, Dr Sheila Collins, gave an excellent and thought-provoking talk on adipose tissue that certainly generated a good discussion amongst everyone! Dr Collins was also a very active participant during our Research Day—meeting individually with some of our ADI Members, joining our trainees for a casual pizza lunch, judging the oral presentation sessions and visiting our poster presenters during the poster session. Thank you Dr Collins for a great visit!

Thank You : Session Chairs

Special thanks to our session chairs who kept the conversation going, running on time and often with some humour thrown in!

  • Drs Jeff Johnson, Cathy Chan, Jane Yardley and Lori West

Thank You : Judges

Kudos to ALL of our judges – no easy task. Our judges had the very difficult job of evaluating all of the excellent presentations.

Oral presentation judges: Drs Sheila Collins, Harley Kurata, and Maria Febbraio

  • Poster judges: Drs Colin Anderson, Norman Boule, Jean Buteau, Stephen Johnson, and Donna Vine 
  • Senior trainees: Kristofor Elestad, Mourad Ferdaoussi,Toto Long, Caroline Richard, and Bassem Salama

Thank You : Sponsors

  • Eli Lilly, Merck and ADF ... thank you!