Booking Instructions for UofA users

An example of how to book a time slot online:

The example that follows uses the Confocal microscope's online booking calendar but the process is identical with all equipment calendars.  To book time on a piece of equipment in ADI`s Core facilities, users must first have been granted access to both the equipment and the online calendar by the Core Manager.  Once access is granted, users can login to their own University of Alberta Google calendar, create a booking in their calendar and invite the desired equipment's calendar to the event. Instructions on how to proceed are detailed below:


1) Open your browser to the ADI Homepage.  Open a new tab and go to the UofA homepage.


2) click on Email & Apps.



3) Login to your Email & Apps with your CCID and password.


4) Open your calendar


5) Your calendar homepage.  You should see the resource calendar(s) you have access to in your list of other calendars.



6) Leave your calendar homepage open and return to the ADI website tab.  Open the Core Services page and click on the desired Core facility's equipment calendar. This will open the equipment's calendar.



7) Find the desired open time slot for booking the equipment.



8) Return to your Google calendar tab and create a new event by clicking in the desired time slot.


9) In the event’s “What” field, add your lab name and your name.



10) Click on “edit event” at the bottom of the event window.



11) In the “Add guests” box, type in the equipment's name (see item #6).  The equipment calendar should show up in the dropdown list.  Select it from the list and click add.  If the resource calendar does not show up in the dropdown list, refresh your browser and create the event again.


12) Once you have added the equipment calendar as a guest to your event, click “Save”.


13) If no time conflicts exist with other users' bookings, you should see an event created in your calendar as well as an event created in the equipment calendar. Note that events are color-coded to the same color as the corresponding calendars in which they are created .


14) Make sure you check back on the ADI website`s equipment calendar page to confirm that your booking has been made (you may need to refresh your browser to update the calendar).


If your booking appears on the ADI website's equipment calendar as shown in the above example, your booking is confirmed.  Other users cannot move or delete your bookings using this system.

Good luck!

Repeat the above steps for all the different equipment you plan to use.  If you're not seeing what you are expecting to see, remember to refresh your browser page.

If you need to cancel your time slot, simply login to your own Google Calendar and delete the event you created.  Your booking will automatically be removed from the resource calendar. A cancellation e-mail is automatically sent to the Core manager for auditing and record keeping.  

If you have any questions or require booking assistance, please contact the Core Manager.  New users and off-campus users are welcome at the ADI`s Core facilities and can contact the Core Managers for access.


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